Back in June of last year we told you about Chris Malloy's awesome Hoverbike, a Star Wars Speeder-like aircraft that is ridden like a motorcycle but has ducted fans at the front and back instead of wheels. While the Hoverbike cannot be purchased commercially (yet), Malloy is offering to construct custom built versions for people who can't wait — and all at the modest price of $80,000 Australian dollars (USD$84,500).

Malloy is hoping to put the Hoverbike into production in a few years, but he still needs to develop a computerized control system to ensure stability. Initially, Malloy was hoping to have the roll controlled by the rider shifting their body weight (like a motorbike), but that idea proved untenable. At this point, Malloy has only been able to conduct tests with the Hoverbike tethered to the ground.


Malloy is also offering to give away a prototype for free as part of a fundraising campaign. Read more about what the Hoverbike can do here.

Via Next Big Future. All images via Chris Malloy.