We want scale models of NASA's Curiosity Rover, and we want them now.

Apparently Mattel's Hot Wheels will be releasing some replicas of the MSL later this year. We've included some pictures of the models below; and while they're certainly better than nothing (they're pretty darned adorable), we kind of wish someone would step up and make a bigger version. Maybe an RC Car, or a highly detailed desk model, à la Firefly's Serenity? Or maybe even digital blueprints for a 3D-printer job?

We can't be the only ones obsessed with tracking down a Curiosity model. Have any of you seen one in your travels? Any ideas on which companies should step up to make them? Are there any CAD-wizards, or enterprising 3D-printers, up to creating an .stl file so that I can download it and print a multicolored squadron of Curiosity rovers? I can pay you in love, gratitude and warm thoughts.

[Hot Wheels via Collect Space]