Are you tired of hearing about tech that promises to monitor your body's every function, second-by-second? There are apps for tracking how much you walk, run, or sweat. There are gadgets to measure your heart rate, or to monitor calories as they enter (and leave) your body. And let's just not even get into all those EEG devices that people use to do things like see what their brains are doing while they're looking at an app showing their brainwaves.

People sometimes take their joy of measuring things a little too far. And that's where German designers Patrick Kochlik and Monika Hoinkis come in. They've created a series of fashionable measurement devices, called Meters, for people who fetishize measurement to the point of absurdity. There's a watch with a level in it — you know, for those times when you need your wrist to be at a perfect 180 degree angle (above).

Then there's a compass lapel pin for finding due west on your cardigan.

Plus you can have this random set of magnifying glasses for scrutinizing everything to the nanometer. And there's so much more. Check out the full set on the Meters site. (Spotted on Information Aesthetics)