Dimension Films has been trying to get a Hellraiser reboot up and running for ages, and various creative teams have apparently been pitching their own visual takes on the material. Shocktillyoudrop has featured three different sets of concept art in the past year — including the above vision by Paul Gerrard (Battle: Los Angeles) created for a pitch by filmmaker Mike Le Han. Check out a bigger version over at Shock Till You Drop.

Here's another piece of Gerrard's concept art, which is apparently part of an independent bid by Le Han to take on the series:

And here's a female Cenobite from Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer's earlier failed bid to remake the film, with art by Gary J. Tunicliffe of Two Hours in the Dark. See more of Tunicliffe's art over at Shock Till You Drop.

Another one of Tunicliffe's awesomely intense pieces.

Here's concept artist Alex Tuis' take on Pinhead, which may or may not be from one of the attempted remake pitches. See more at Shock Till You Drop.

[via Shock Till You Drop]