The cities of the future will need to incorporate greenery, and most cutting edge architecture includes a space for urban gardens and vertical farms. But the real cutting-edge designers and artists are taking it one step further — with projects that are half garden, half-sculpture.

Here are some new urban green spaces that are also art installations.


The Artfarms project is inviting artists to design "grow sculptures" — forms made from lightweight materials that will serve as frames for fruits, flowers and vegetables, to help revitalize deteriorating neighborhoods in Buffalo, NY. The Artfarms will serve as community gardens, artistic commentary and hopefully draw an audience into the declining neighborhoods.

Vertical Gardens

An impressive 21 meter tall vertical garden has recently been completed in Barcelona. The garden covers a formerly unsightly end of a residential complex. The architecture firm responsible, Capella Garcia Arquitectura, has coined the term ‘Vegitecture' to describe the project. This multifunctional design insulates the building, provides better air quality and adds beauty to the neighborhood.
[via Atlantic Cities]


For some more breathtaking examples of vertical gardens, checkout French designer Patrick Blanc's website. The designer shares both completed projects like the Pont Max Juvenal, Aix in Provence France and his incredible visions like the Hanging Canopies project in Dubai.



These amazing sculptural "Supertrees" sprout along Singapore Bay and are interconnected by an aerial skyway. Beyond being impressive superstructures for plantings, the trees collect rainwater and house solar panels that provide hot air for the neighboring biodomes, greenhouses supporting various climates. The nightly light show is pretty impressive as well. [Via Architizer]