Doctor Who's latest epic trailer is out, and it's full of Daleks, dinosaurs, gunfights and Weeping Angels. There are tons of new glimpses of the first five episodes of the season, which will be airing this fall. But what does it all mean?

We're here to break it down for you. With massive spoilers and speculation ahead...

We start with a shot of the TARDIS flying away from the Earth at top speed (above.) Which episode does this shot come from? Hard to say. I would guess "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship," since we know that involves the Doctor rushing away from Earth to stop a collision. But soon we're on to the Daleks...

Rory and Amy are inside some kind of container that's wobbling a bit, as they look out through some window slats at a whole fleet of Dalek spaceships. Rory wants to know how much trouble they're in. If you have to ask...

Soon, the Doctor, Rory and Amy are on an elevator being led upwards by some Daleks. They're apparently on their way to a huge confrontation with the Dalek army. And "army" being the operative word... Notice that Amy is back to wearing the miniskirts and rather a lot of makeup. Is she doing some modeling? Or something else?

The Doctor is surrounded by a huge army of Daleks. Note that the TARDIS is here, so he wasn't kidnapped the same way as Rory and Amy. Either they captured the TARDIS, or he flew it there to rescue Amy and Rory. Apparently there's no handy TARDIS force field around the Doctor this time, since he fully expects the Daleks to exterminate him. What are you waiting for, he asks.

And we pan back to see rather a lot of Daleks. According to producer Caroline Skinner, there are 20 to 30 physical Daleks in this episode, but also there are massive, huge amounts of CG Daleks. As you can see. And apparently any notion that the RTD-era Daleks are inferior and to be destroyed on sight has gone out the window — or else, those aren't the hybrid Daleks made out of human cells any more.

The Doctor tells Amy and Rory not to be scared — because whatever happens, they will get through this. Amy says she's not scared, and why should she be scared? Geronimo! And then the random thug standing behind them gives the Doctor a shove. Why do the Daleks need a humanoid to do their bidding? There are thousands of them just standing around? Why a minion? It makes no sense, on the face of it.

It's apparently this shove from the humanoid thug that sends the Doctor, Amy and Rory tumbling into a stream of white light, which sends them falling ...

Towards a planet that's encased in some sort of grid thingy.

Amy lands on a snowy planet and is immediately spotted by Harvey (David Gyasi) who is wearing a parka and immediately chases her across the snowy landscape.

Later in the trailer, a planet ups and blows up. I'm guessing it's the same planet.

There's a great shot of Daleks blowing up and stuff, as the Doctor runs for his life.

All of the Daleks have been destroyed and Rory is looking around, rather stunned at everything. Who blew up all the Daleks, he asks.

An injured Doctor, carrying Amy in his arms, smiles and says, "Who do you think?" Speculation across the Web is that Amy, not the Doctor, destroyed all those Daleks. Somehow.

Now we're on to "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship," the second episode. There is a huge object from space, and it's heading for Earth on a collision course. There's just a few hours for the Doctor to sort it out before the humans try to nuke it.

What's on board the spaceship? Why, dinosaurs, of course!

Then there's this shot of a couple of weirdly polite robots telling Rory, the Doctor, and Rory's Dad that they're ticked off. We're assuming this comes from "Dinosaurs," but it could also come from episode four, "Cubed." (In which apparently Rory's Dad also appears.) In "Dinosaurs," the Doctor accidentally materializes the TARDIS around Amy, Rory and Rory's Dad, thus inadvertently kidnapping Rory's Dad Brian on a huge adventure.

Here's a shot of the Doctor, Rory and Rory's Dad looking startled at the robots. Note that they appear to be in a cave rather than a spaceship — but it's hard to tell for sure.

Another person who accompanies the Doctor on his dinosaur adventure is Riddell, a big game hunter and explorer from the early 20th century, whom the Doctor entices to join him on an adventure.

And then the final one-shot companion for "Dinosaurs" is Queen Nefertiti, whom the Doctor brings along because she's in love with him and he can't get rid of her. Or something.

There's a smaller spaceship flying past Earth and the bigger spaceship full of dinosaurs...

...and it's apparently piloted by Solomon (David Bradley, aka Walder Frey from Game of Thrones) who shouts to attack!

The Doctor, Rory and Rory's Dad are on a rocky planet being chased by Pterodactyls!

The look of panic on the Doctor's face is actually quite priceless.

There's a rather lovely looking Triceratops...

...and it's being ridden by the Doctor, Rory and Amy. Another great look on the Doctor's face. Why didn't Terra Nova ever do this? Why?

And we're on to "A Town Called Mercy," the Western episode. We saw a huge glimpse of this episode a few months ago. This is the Reckoner, and he's apparently a fearsome gunslinger. He shoots at the Doctor, who runs away, as the Reckoner shouts, "Why won't you face me?!"

Another snippet of the cyborg Reckoner shooting at the Doctor and yelling to face him.

The Doctor rides a horse across the American Spanish plains.

Is this our first glimpse of Ben Browder in this story? Possibly. This man (who may or may not be Browder) is running with Rory when there's a huge explosion between them.

Apparently during the story's climax, the Doctor is debating whether to kill someone. He says that today he is focusing on the victims of the Master and all the other villains, including this particular guy — all the people who died, because the Doctor showed too much mercy. Amy retorts that this is what happens when the Doctor travels on his own for too long. (i.e., he loses sight of humanity.)

And this is the huge miscreant that the Doctor proposes to wipe out, for the sake of sparing future victims. Not sure what's so bad about him. Apparently this is Kahler Jax, played by Adrian Scarborough from Upstairs Downstairs, according to Doctor Who Spoilers.

It's episode five, and we're in New York! Or rather, the Doctor and Amy are. No sign of Rory.

Brief glimpse of River Song wearing a snazzy hat.

There's a shot of Rory with a match lit, and a baby Weeping Angel (Weeping Cherub?) is looking at him. And then... the match goes out. Oh noes!

A terrifying shot of a Weeping Angel getting ready to do some damage.