The Dark Knight Rises came up with a look for the Batman villain Bane, that moved away from his "Mexican wrestler" look while still respecting the core of the character. But there's a newly released picture of some early design sketches for the character — some of which are a lot closer to the comics version. There are also some nifty behind-the-scenes photos, and a single script page that includes some material that wasn't in the final movie.

Check it all out below. Spoilers ahead...

These images come via Comic Book Movie (here and here.)

First, here's the sketch page showing different faces of Bane. This apparently comes from the new book Behind The Scenes with Batman: The Making of the Dark Knight Trilogy:

It's interesting to see them trying to respect the character's history — as polluted as that image was by his cameo in Batman and Robin — but the final "crab mask" version was probably the best version.

You can see that sketch page as part of the book in this preview video (at 1:40). You can also glimpse a few sketches of Catwoman's visor/mask:

And here's a small version of a script page showing Miranda Tate and Lucius Fox discussing John Daggett's attempt to buy out shares in Wayne Enterprises — a subplot which still happens in the movie, but with a bit less build-up. Apparently this comes from the forthcoming book The Dark Knight Trilogy: The Complete Screenplays With Storyboards:

And finally, here are some cool behind the scenes photos, which apparently also come from Behind The Scenes with Batman: The Making of the Dark Knight Trilogy. More over at Comic Book Movie:

More stuff, and bigger versions, at the links. [Comic Book Movie and Comic Book Movie, via]