Salvador DalĂ­'s painting Sleep depicted a disembodied, slumbering head held aloft by crutches. In Mike Capp's pop cultural spoof of the painting, Sleep Batman, Batman fills the head's role, snoozing without any thought to the fragile props that might collapse below him.

Capp does a lot of these fine art/pop culture mashups, including Boba Fett and Spider-Man as painted by Picasso, Lily Munster as a Modigliani nude, and Skeletor in the style of Klimt. As for DalĂ­ himself, Capp casts him as the Joker, which seems apt for the mischievous artist.

Prints of both paintings are available from Capp's Yessy gallery.

Sleep Batman Sleep and DalĂ­ Joker [Yessy via Ian Brooks]