If you haven't seen the 22 rules of storytelling tweeted by Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats, go read them and then come back. We'll wait. It's worth it. Lego enthusiast Alex Eylar helps those rules for telling compelling tales stick to your brain by illustrating 12 of them with Lego minifigs.

Eylar is known over at reddit by the handle ICanLegoThat, and, true to his name, he's handy with Lego props and a camera. He frequently creates Lego tableaux of his fellow redditors' comments. Over at Slacktory, he recently debuted a slightly different Lego project: 12 of Pixar's 22 storytelling rules. It's handy booster for letting those rules sink in.

You can see a sampling of Eylar's Pixar storytelling series below, and the rest at Slacktory.

Pixar's Story Rules, Illustrated in Lego by ICanLegoThat [Slacktory via Geek Tyrant]