Does Hulk have the strength to take down the Nemean lion? Is Spider-Man clever and fleet-footed enough to don the mantle (and sandals) of Hermes? Artist Tim Maclean paints today's spandex-clad heroes as figures from ancient myths.

If you happened into San Diego's Subtext gallery over Comic-Con weekend, you might have seen Maclean's paintings, as well as his Trickster series of drawings, featuring pop culture tricksters from the Fourth Doctor to Willy Wonka. Here, he examines DC and Marvel superfolks as Greek gods and heroes: Heracles for the Hulk, Hermes for Spider-Man, Athena for Wonder Woman, and Hades for Batman. Given that Wonder Woman is a Diana, I might have expected her as Artemis (although she is supposed to be "as wise as Athena"), and while Batman isn't exactly a god of death, I do rather like him as the gloomy god of the underworld.

You can see more of Maclean's art at The Art of Tim Maclean.

Fragments & Phantoms [Subtext via Neatorama]