After Rush Limbaugh's bizarre question as to whether Bane, Batman's masked foe, could somehow be an anti-Mitt Romney conspiracy, one inspired Bat-fan decided Bane Capital wasn't a shabby idea. Bane Capital is now tweeting reports about the liberation of Gotham's corporate persons and how his anti-Batman mission creates jobs.

Lampooning Limbaugh's connection between the super-strong Bane and the financial services firm Bain Capital, Bane Capital imagines Bane as an agent of financial chaos, being fed a steady stream of taxpayer dollars to ease his pain. The feed is on hiatus at the moment out of respect for the Aurora victims, but hopefully it will be back in a few days with more funny to go around.

Bane Capital [via Super Punch]

Update: A tweet from Bane Capital has assured us that we haven't heard the last of this Twitter account: "Our campaign for global domination and Mitt continues Monday when markets re-open."