Back in 2009, redditor HoHoNOPE paid a few hundred bucks to charter an illegal tour of the Chernobyl power plant and nearby ghost town of Prypiat. This is what he saw.

"The irony in this apocalyptic place being littered with cliche utopian artifacts was pretty unreal," said HoHoNOPE in response to a question about the most disturbing thing that he saw on his illicit tour of the deserted ruins.

"Pictures of Lenin or Brezhnev everywhere, posters about wheat production or famous Soviet athletes... just too much. I was amazed at the amount of things relating to the United States too. It was all very '1984' to me."

As for rules of conduct when visiting the site, HoHoNOPE said there weren't any that a bribe wouldn't take care of:

The visit itself was "illegal" at the time... so no, there were no enforced rules to speak of. I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to fuck with anything, but our guide let us go exploring on our own. Nobody really gave a shit. There's not a whole lot you can really mess with, though. It's not as if it's not messed up already. As far as taking things, nobody was searched or anything, so there wouldn't be any fallout if you did take something. My friend took a newspaper.

You can check out the entire EXTENSIVE set of image from HoHoNOPE's trip here, but we've rounded up a small sample of some of the most unsettling sights.

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