Today the art department at image and VFX design studio Framestore has shared with us some of their original illustrations of a mission into interstellar space. Here you can see what future explorers might see as they encounter a new planetary system, and survey the planets and moons there. There are some bizarre anomalies, and some places that look a lot like home.

This gallery, called "Journey," is part of io9 and Gizmodo's "First Comes the Dream" series, where we celebrate what inspires us to make scientific discoveries, engineer life-changing machines, and offer a new perspective on the world with science fiction. Tomorrow night, we'll be celebrating dreams and their realization at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, where these gorgeous images will be projected on the walls of the Planetarium. We'll be tweeting from the event, and filming a live conversation with AMNH astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson about what inspires him.


This isn't the last you'll see of these images either. If they are already suggesting a story to you, that's the idea. Starting in August, we'll be trying out a new kind of collaborative storytelling with Framestore's images, where you supply the story and their art department will respond by making more images to fit where our story is headed. So stay tuned for that, and keep dreaming!

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