Writers and voice actors from Legend of Korra told a packed room at Comic-Con a little bit about what to expect in Book 2: Spirits, the show's second season — and they showed off some absolutely gorgeous concept designs for environments and characters, too.

The new season is focused on spirits, and the characters will meet several spirits and even journey into the spirit world. We saw a glimpse of one of the more deadly spirits, which you can see in our gallery below. Korra's guide in this new realm will be, in part, her uncle. The season will delve into her uncle and father's relationship, and fill in some backstory on their connections as well as those between the northern and southern Water Tribes. We'll also see a "journey to a mysterious place," according to the show's producers. You can see glimpses of that mysterious place, which harkens back to the ice ball where Aang was discovered in Avatar. Korra's cousins are also new characters, a pair of "androgynous, creepy twins," according to the writers. The new season looks gorgeous and exciting — if you loved season one of this show, there's more coolness to come. And if you are just tuning in, well, you can watch Book 1 in time to catch Book 2 when it starts.

Check out our gallery, with pictures of some new characters — and Korra's new costume.