The Biggest Winners and Losers of Comic Con 2012!

Comic Con is the pop culture Thunderdome. Every year, studios bring dozens of their massively expensive properties to the San Diego Convention Center, and only some will emerge with victory. Comic Con can't make or break a project - but it can generate tons of buzz, which is a priceless commodity.


So which movies and TV shows did the most important tastemakers, the fans, seem to love or hate this year? Here's our list of the biggest buzz winners and losers of Comic Con 2012. More »

Inspired by superhero Disney Princess fan art, these cosplayers made a real-life superteam

This group of cosplayers was taken with a piece of Disney superheroine fan art by Deviant Art illustrator Byron Bojengles III, so they boosted that sketch's roster by over a dozen at Comic-Con 2012. There's no shortage of devotion on display here, but it's Belle's literary war hammer that wins the day. More »

Where did Bruce Banner and Tony Stark go after they drove away together in The Avengers?

What happened to Bruce and Tony, after the two of them drove away in the climax of The Avengers? Robert Downey Jr. told us everything. Plus we asked Marvel's Kevin Feige and director Shane Black whether Iron Man 3 will pick up right where The Avengers left off. More »

Watch the entire Firefly 10 year reunion panel, and try not to cry

The entire 10-year Firefly reunion at this years San Diego Comic-Con is now online, for your viewing pleasure. So grab a seat and pull up some tissues, because it is almost impossible to get through this whole thing without tearing up. Burn the land and boil the sea! More »

Peter Jackson wants to make The Hobbit a trilogy

Right now Peter Jackson's Hobbit movie is split into two films (The Hobbit: There and Back Again and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) but if Jackson has his way there might be three Hobbit movies total. More »

Galactus is Nigh: Counter-Protestors Warn of the Comic-Con Apocalypse

While it's nothing on the scale of 2010's grand, nerdy San Diego Comic-Con counter-protest of the Westboro Baptist Church, the Galactus is Nighs team is keeping that spirit alive with their own faux-religious placards. More »

Doctor Who shows us something we've never seen before

If you thought Doctor Who was out of surprises, today's panel at San Diego Comic Con would change your mind. We saw two clips from the upcoming seventh season of the British time-travel classic - and one of them contained something we've never, ever, seen before. Let's just say it's Doctor Who's answer to Snakes on a Plane. More »

First Man of Steel footage shows a more alienated Superman

Superman is back! We saw the first footage from the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, and it was pretty electrifying. And yet, somewhat tormented and alienated, as well. Spoilers ahead... More »

We've seen the first trailer for the new Godzilla!

Right after we saw our first glance at the giant monsters in Pacific Rim, we were treated to even more kaiju awesomeness! We saw the first glimpse - ever - of the new Godzilla movie, directed by Monsters director Gareth Edwards. The wreckage alone was amazing. More »

We've glimpsed the giant monsters in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim!

Guillermo del Toro's new movie Pacific Rim doesn't just feature enormous, insane robots - it also features totally massive monsters that trash cities with their terrifying limbs. More »

We've seen into Fringe's future!

Fringe is gearing up for its final season, and we'll learn the final fates of the Fringe team. Filming hasn't begun yet for Season Five, but at today's San Diego Comic-Con Fringe panel, we got a peek at what's ahead. More »

The Venture Bros. are returning in 2013, so we asked the show's creators total nonsense

At Comic-Con, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick - the grand poobahs behind the Adult Swim series The Venture Bros. - were on hand for 5% hard fact, 95% mirthful digression. More »

Game of Thrones reveals new cast members for Season 3!

Fans have been speculating what characters from A Storm of Swords might appear in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. At today's San Diego Comic-Con panel, George R.R. Martin revealed new cast members for Season 3. More »

Beautiful concept art illuminates the upcoming Book 2 of Legend of Korra

Writers and voice actors from Legend of Korra told a packed room at Comic-Con a little bit about what to expect in Book 2: Spirits, the show's second season - and they showed off some absolutely gorgeous concept designs for environments and characters, too. More »

Watch the Futurama cast describe the coming episodes in character and the Fry meme performed live

Yesterday's Futurama panel was a genuine spectacle, featuring the voice cast reading the descriptions for future episodes in character, a performance of the "Not Sure Fry" meme featuring Billy West, a drawing contest that pit Matt Groening against Peter Avanzino, and a Futurama costume competition. More »

The Incredibly Complicated Mythology of Will Smith and M. Night Shyamalan's After Earth

M. Night Shyamalan is back, with a new post-apocalyptic film called After Earth, starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith. And it sounds like Shyamalan and Smith have joined forces to concoct their most fiendishly complicated mythos yet. More »

Nude Zombies And Undead Radiohead: 10 Fun Facts From The Walking Dead Comic-Con Interviews

You read our panel report and saw the new trailer - now tremble before some choice tidbits io9 acquired from the cast and crew of The Walking Dead at the Comic-Con press roundtables. More »

We talk to the cast of Breaking Bad about science, swearing, and Saul Goodman

Tomorrow, the acclaimed "high school chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin" drama Breaking Bad returns for its final stretch of episodes. But at the San Diego Comic-Con today, the show's cast and creator Vince Gilligan were on hand to answer io9's most quasi-pressing questions. More »

Martin Freeman OWNS the role of Bilbo in the first Hobbit clips!

We saw about a dozen and a half minutes of clips from the Hobbit, both the first and second movies. Plus a lengthy new behind-the-scenes featurette. Most of it was just as excellent as you'd expect from seeing the Lord of the Rings trilogy - but the new elements, like Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves, were also just mind-blowingly excellent. In fact, even with all the returning castmembers, Freeman pretty much steals the show. More »

Community Will Delve Into Inspector Spacetime Fandom Next Season

During the Community panel at Comic-Con, the stage was packed with writers, producers, and actors from the show. In between impromptu dances and songs, we got some great hints about next season . More »

Sam Raimi cut the "heart" and "brains" from his Oz, but added a "nice flying monkey"

You've seen the bananas trailer for Sam Raimi's giant, Tim-Burton-looking prequel Oz: The Great and Powerful. Now find out all the details we learned at the Comic-Con panel and follow-up press conference. More »

First footage from The Host is a dystopian thrill ride - with one huge problem

After the Twilight panel at San Diego Comic Con, there was a huge surprise - the first footage from The Host, the adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's alien-invasion novel directed by Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, Now) More »

We've seen the Ant-Man test footage and Iron Man's downfall!

Now that Marvel's master plan has climaxed with The Avengers, it's time for "Phase Two." And just now, Marvel gave us some great clues as to what that involves. We learned the titles of the Thor and Captain America sequels - including a huge spoiler - and we saw Ant-Man in action and brand new Guardians of the Galaxy concept art! Spoilers ahead... More »

Prometheus cosplay! Behold the Engineer's milky white abs in the flesh!

Hark, it's the first Prometheus cosplay spotted in the wild! Straight from the mean streets of Comic-Con comes this amazing Prometheus cosplay of an Engineer, his abs, and a flock of sexy Weyland Nurses. More »

Elysium gives Matt Damon cyborg enhancements in Earth's filthy slums

Yesterday we got our first taste of new footage from Neill Blomkamp's District 9 follow-up, Elysium. These freshly filmed scenes haven't even been edited and polished - but already they show off an action-packed tale of a desperate man trapped in a dismal, impoverished slum whose only salvation is a space station that knows no poverty or disease. More »

The Most Sensational Sights (and Best Things to Buy) on the Comic-Con Floor

At Comic-Con's preview last night, we were menaced by cave trolls from The Hobbit, tried on cat ears that are controlled by brain waves, and went into a minifig frenzy with The Hulk and My Little Pony. More »