Firefly changed the 'verse forever — and now, the ten-year reunion just happened at San Diego Comic Con. Joss Whedon looked at his asssembled castmembers and said, "These are the best meat puppets I've ever controlled." High praise indeed.

So now that Joss Whedon has directed one of the most successful films of all time, what's next for Firefly? Whedon quipped that he'd rather do a radio show than an animated series — and hilariously, Nathan Fillion acted out performing in a Firefly radio program. But mostly, Whedon said there'll be a lot more comics ahead — the Shepherd Book origins story A Shepherd's Tale is one of the most successful Dark Horse Comics titles of all time, and Whedon and his brother Zak have discussed some "crazy cool shit."

Also, Whedon said that if he'd known he'd only get one season of Firefly, he would have delved deeper into the Blue Sun conspiracy. And if he'd played out the events of Serenity on television, he might not have killed off as many characters.

Check out some images of the panel below, via Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images. Update: Now with more pictures!