Heat wave driving you nuts? Don't you wish you could protect yourself from the sun, Arrakis-style?

Here's an exclusive look at a costume detail from David Lynch's Dune that never made it into the film. Lynch originally planned to shoot outdoor scenes in the city — and the citizens needed some protection from the sun. Here's a collection of rare pictures of Dune sun hats that were created as a result.

The Dune script originally called for street scenes in the city of Arrakeen. Since Arrakis orbits perilously near Canopus, a supergiant star, it was assumed that the city-dwellers — or even the desert-hardened Fremen — would need protection against the glare and intense UV radiation. So costume designer Bob Ringwood commissioned a series of sunhats for the Fremen women to wear. Model maker Judith Miller posed wearing some of them. Sadly, the street scenes were deleted from the final film.