With San Diego Comic-Con kicking off on Wednesday, many new comic books will be unveiled this week. Here's an exclusive first look at Great Pacific, an upcoming scifi series from Image Comics about a fictional version of the Pacific Garbage Patch becoming a mutant-packed sovereign nation. Check out a synopsis of this book (which hits store in November) and a preview of some pages:

GREAT PACIFIC is the new science-fiction adventure series from writer JOE HARRIS (DC Comics' FIRESTORM, Oni Press' GHOST PROJEKT, SPONTANEOUS) and artist MARTÍN MORAZZO (DC/Zuda Comics' ABSOLUTE MAGNITUDE) following one man's quest to explore, settle and tame Earth's newest, terrible frontier, THE GREAT PACIFIC GARBAGE PATCH.

Set on an environmental disaster of floating trash and plastic trapped by Pacific Ocean currents, the series follows CHAS WORTHINGTON-thrill-seeking heir to one of America's largest oil fortunes-who throws his plush life of wealth, power and pleasure aside when he decides to settle the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch and develop his own fledgling, independent nation upon it.

Chas will have to survive in the junk and waste-strewn dead zone, battling the elements, deadly marine life and animals mutated by the pollution, along with other threats which might challenge him for resources, including hostile island natives and even the United States Navy. He will build his new country, forge treaties with other ones and fund development and transformation of his own plastic island which recent estimates put at about twice the size of his home state of Texas.

GREAT PACIFIC is an epic survival adventure tale, a profile of man against all odds played out against a backdrop of global ecological catastrophe and a high-stakes battle for resources, territory and power.