Stranded in Africa and in need of a meal? Why hunt it down yourself when you can nick it off a pride of Lions?

Sound crazy? I agree. But it can be done.

This practice — swiping food from another animal's kill — is known as kleptoparasitism, and while it's especially common and well-documented within and between species of wild animals, reports like this one suggest that humans stealing meat from lions is actually a pretty common practice. In fact, this packet from the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization indicates that we as a species have been looting lion-kills for ages.


The video up top demonstrates how it's done. Things you'll need: some co-conspirators, nerves of unobtanium, and some serious swagger. Lots and lots of swagger.

Oh, and those looking to do a solo lion-encounter would also be advised to bring a roll of toilet paper; the lunatic naturalist in this video seems to think the TP will distract a curious/hungry lion long enough for you to make your escape. Dr. Ian Malcolm would obviously say otherwise.

For more on kleptoparasitism and human/lion interactions:

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