Yes, June was a hot a month for folks in the US, but just how hot? According to the National Climactic Data Center, US states and territories saw 2,284 temperature records broken in June and 998 records tied. The center has conveniently mapped out all 3,282 of those record temperatures.

The National Climatic Data Center contains the world's largest active archive of weather data, and has a handy interactive map that lets you see the record highs, lows, precipitation, and snowfall for various parts of the United States. In playing around with this application, NPR noted that so far this year has been heavier on the record highs than last year; 2012 so far has seen 23,283 record highs set while by this time in 2011, 13,582 records had been set. Head over the NPR for more weather record insights.

The map above doesn't show all 3,282 temperature records met or broken in the US, as some were set in Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories. Visit the National Climatic Data Center website to see the sites of all the US's new temperature records.

[National Climatic Data Center via NPR via Geekosystem]