When flesh-hungry zombies rise from the dead, who will survive? People who live near a large concentration of zombie-obsessed geeks, who are ready with brain smashing techniques and randomly placed medical packs. And once these pop culture-savvy warriors are done dispatching with the undead, they'll remake society in their image.

French cartoonist Boulet has posted his goofy take on a zombie outbreak. After geeks prevent the zombie apocalypse, they take over every facet of society, including military, education, and even religion. Although Boulet is mostly poking affectionate fun at geeky stereotypes (though, in some places, a little less affectionate), it offers an interesting thought on the zombie apocalypse. We've already seen pop culture knowledge result in big, powerful rewards in Ernest Cline's Ready Player One; perhaps deliberately created movie rule-abiding zombies could make George Romero and Max Brooks required reading and viewing for survival. But then what are the consequences of that?

Rise of the Geeks [Boulet]