Fanart doesn't just come in paper, ink, plastic, and clay. Sometimes it comes in the form of cross-stitch samplers, plush toys, applique crafts, or big-headed crochet dolls. Bear and Bird gallery's Sew Nerdy show highlights those fan artists who prefer to work with cloth, foam, batting, thread, and yarn.

Top image: "Open the Police Box" by Kjersti Faret. The TARDIS doors also fasten shut.

These are just a small sampling of the crafts appearing in Sew Nerdy: A Geek Craft Extravaganza, running at Bear and Bird in Lauderhill, Florida, through August 11th. But if you can't visit the pieces in person, Bear and Bird has posted the entire catalog to Flickr. Many of these quirky crafts are available for sale, so if you've been looking for the perfect Star Trek sampler to hang on your wall, act fast.

Sew Nerdy: A Geek Craft Extravaganza [Bear and Bird via Laughing Squid]


"Audrey II" by Scrumptious Delight. See the back view here.

"Robert Krulwich & Jad Abumrad" by Heidi Kenney. She also does a mean Ira Glass.


"Playhouse Friends" by Allison Hoffman, who also has a yarn and foam Clocky.


"Cheetara - Thundercats" by Simpli Jessi. She's done similar dolls for Lion-O and Wonder Woman.

"Chewburga" by Cutesypoo.


"Cowabunga!" by Michelle Coffee. See the back here.