Over at Movieline, there's a great rundown of all the terrible and embarrassing pieces of merchandise being released in connection with The Amazing Spider-Man. Including the now-obligatory line of themed nail polishes, with names like "Number One Nemesis, Just Spotted the Lizard, Call Me Gwen-Ever, Into The Night, Your Web Or Mine, Shatter The Scales, and My Boyfriend Scales Walls."

But the most disturbing of the bunch is clearly the Spider-Toss, which is available as part of a toy set when you buy a Spider-Man-themed bucket of "chickenjoy" at Jollibee, the fast food chain in the Philippines. Even leaving aside the name "Spider-Toss," which may provoke hilarity among British people, there's the fact that Spider-Man appears to be, umm... impaled on a pyramid of his own webbing, while catching the rings that people throw onto him. As Movieline points out, Spider-Man seems to be having rather a lot of fun with his situation. (The toy is also available at KFC in Malaysia, where they call it "Catch 'Em Spidey" instead.)


Could this be worse than the Whippin' Web Chuk Spider-Man with "dildo slapping action"? Check out some more photos, and judge for yourself:

Photos via Movieline, JamStorm Media and GeekMatic!

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