IT'S FULL OF STARS | A digital painting that imagines what the sky really looked like when Van Gogh painted "Starry Night." Find out more about Alex Ruiz's painting here.

NASA calls this newly released photo of Mars "the next best thing to being there"

Once in a great while, NASA's Opportunity rover will catch a glimpse of itself in a photograph of the Martian surface, but the photo featured up top - just released by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory - offers an even rarer view of the Martian landscape, one that the Agency calls "the next best thing to being there." More »

Amazing Spider-Man: A Superhero Movie That's Actually About Heroism

There are many types of superhero movies: campy, dark-and-gritty, kid-friendly, gonzo, etc. But really, there are just two kinds: movies that actually have something to say about heroism and sacrifice, and ones that don't. More »

Stop calling it "The God Particle!"

We've heard the rumors. Now for the news physics nerds have been waiting for: the "official" discovery of the Higgs Boson. More »

Who the heck are the Guardians of the Galaxy, the stars of Marvel's strangest new movie?

If you've been on the internet over the past few days, you may have noticed that Marvel Studios is moving ahead with their Guardians of the Galaxy feature film. More »

Drunk professor forces students to sit through 23-hour-long science exam

University exams are never anyone's idea of a rollicking time, particularly when your professor rambles on besotted for 23 hours, denies you sustenance and bathroom breaks, and covers topics not on the syllabus, such as her wardrobe and outside business interests. More »

Behold the Boötes void, the spookiest place in the cosmos

When looking up at the sky at night, it's easy to get the impression that the stars go on forever in fairly uniform fashion. We know, of course, that this isn't the case. More »

This list shows all the anagrammatic names Lord Voldemort rejected

Fans of Harry Potter know that the phrase "I am Lord Voldemort" is an anagram for You-Know-Who's given name. What we didn't know was that it wasn't the first anagram Voldemort settled on. More »

How Artificial Intelligences Will See Us

Right now, there is a neural network of 1,000 computers at Google's X lab that has taught itself to recognize humans and cats on the internet. But the network has also learned to recognize some weirder things, too. More »

Does Easter Island hold the secret of reversing Alzheimer's Disease?

The drug rapamycin comes from bacteria found in the soils of Easter Island. It's helped save lives for over a decade by preventing rejection in organ transplants, but that might just be scratching the surface of what it can do. More »

10 of the Weirdest Futurist Scenarios for the Evolution of Humanity

When science fiction writers and futurists imagine humans of the far future, they never think our descendants are going to look exactly the same as we do now. More »

Did the Romans drive a birth-control plant to extinction?

Yes and no. Yes, they almost certainly did drive this plant to extinction. No, it probably wasn't that good a method of birth control. Learn how silphim, a long-dead relative of fennel, powered an entire economy, before it disappeared forever. More »

Brazilian prison incentivizes prisoners to provide pedal-powered energy

Brazil's Santa Rita do Sapucaí prison has found a new source of alternative energy: its own prisoners. The prison has offered to shave time off of prisoners' sentences if they'll charge batteries using special bikes and their own two legs. More »

Tweets of the words "beer" and "church" by U.S. county

It's Friday. For many people the weekend will bring two things: Sunday services and late-night booze-fests. Which does your corner of the country hold most dear? How does one even begin to answer a broad sociological question such as this? More »