Clone Troopers aren't just the shock troops of the Republic, and some of our favorite characters in Clone Wars — they're also pop icons. And Canadian photographer and art teacher <a href="

">David Eger has proved, once and for all, that any piece of art is made better once you put Clone Troopers, and other Star Wars figures, into it.


Check out Eger's take on the flag-raising at Iwo Jima, with Clone Troopers, above. And below, check out the Star Wars versions of American Gothic, some famous kisses, and more. These images come from a series called "Cloned Photos," that's a sequel to an earlier series, "365 Days of Clones." Eger attempts to post each photo on the anniversary of the photo he's paying tribute to, or the photographer or artist's birth date.

Troopers Atop a Skyscraper (a take on Charles C. Ebbets' "Lunchtime Atop a Skyscraper")

Abbey Road

American Gothic

B.F. Boba Fett (a take on the famous scene from E.T.)

Goodhunters (a take-off on Goodfellas)

"Migrant Trooper" side by side with its inspiration, "Migrant Mother" by Depression-era photographer Dorothea Lange

"A Royal Kiss," a recreation of Prince William and Catherine Middleton

Setting up for the "Million Trooper March" recreation

The Cloned Kiss

Check out more at the links. [365 Days of Clones, via BoingBoing via Design Boom]