Next Tuesday, we all get to see a brand new Spider-Man on the big screen, with the proper amount of spiky hair and dorky charm, thanks to Andrew Garfield. Spider-Man is the cutest superhero, with the fancy moves and banter — but his life is also hella weird, as we documented recently.

So to celebrate the return of Spider-Man, we've collected the absolute cutest — and weirdest — Spidey fan art, from around the web.

Fancy Meeting You by Brianna Cherry Garcia — a Disney/Marvel crossover.

Spideycat by GeekyPet on Etsy

Nala and Spidey by FrauWolfen on Deviant Art

By Pyramid Car

By Pyramid Car

Spider-Man and Friends by the Checkered Man, via Comic Vine

Petey and Venom by Timothy Lim, via Comic Book Movie

Petey and Venom by Timothy Lim, via Comic Book Movie

Petey and Venom by Timothy Lim, via Comic Book Movie

Spider-Man by The-nostalgia-runs on Deviant Art

Spider-Gir by goRillA-iNK on Deviant Art

Chibi-Spider-Man by northstation on Deviant Art

Spider-Man Archives 2 by Katiecandraw on Deviant Art

Rockwell Spider-Man by lukeradl on Deviant Art Via SuperPunch

Spider-Ham vs. Iron Duck, by Kid Chuckle on Deviant Art

Spider-Mouse by AngelCrusher on Deviant Art

Spider-Man/TRON crossover by JoLawlietDesign on Deviant Art

Spidey -n- Garfield by Jose Anderson on Deviant Art

Spidey Senses are TIngling by Raddishh on Deviant Art

By Olympic-Dames on Deviant Art

Spider-Man/Deadpool, artist unknown, via Deadpool Fan Links

Spidey Skellington by Kory Wayne on Deviant Art

Hipster Spider-Man via Comic Vine

Poor Widdle Guy Spider-Man via Comic Vine

Spider-Man cover by Kidoho, via Comic Vine

Spidey Kirby by Soulrailer on Deviant Art

Bath Time for Spidey by Rocket Shoes on Deviant Art

We are... by Rizatucker, via Fanart-Central

Zombie Spidey by Berkozturk, via Comic Vine

Is your Spidey sense tingling? by J-Bluesummers on Deviant Art

via Comic Vine