It's never too early to teach your children Elvish, and just as when learning real-world language, visual aids are often helpful. These pastel animal prints will get a child (or adult) started on their Elvish alphabet. It's as easy as Tinco, Ando, SĂșlĂ«.

Denise, who runs the Etsy store tiedyejedi sells all manner of J.R.R. Tolkien-inspired prints and jewelry. These alphabet prints (which I'd love to see more of), would be perfect for a future Lord of the Rings fan's nursery. Each shows off a word in the Elvish Tengwar script: Aras for deer, BrĂŽg for bear, and Cabor for frog. She'll also write a child's name and birthdate out in Elvish script, and has a few goofier prints on hand, like her "Keep Calm and Carry On" Elvish posters.(Good advice for any bearer of the One Ring.) Personally, I'm partial to her line of Middle Earth microbrew labels. Think we could get the Tolkien estate to license Mordor Imperial Stout?

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