When the recession hit the Star Wars universe, it hit hard. Cloud City had to start offering gambling vouchers and snapping up third-rate lounge acts from Tatooine. The Gungans were forced to auction off fishing rights to their waters. Stormtroopers and Clone Troopers alike were denied their military pensions and, like so many Star Wars characters, forced to beg in the streets.

Photographer Marcos Minuchin captures all sort of unexpected portraits of fictional characters in his various "Secret Life of Toys" series. This one, titled "Recession Army", depicts down and out Star Wars toys (and Spider-Man action figures), holding up cardboard signs and begging for change.

Oh, Anakin, no one's going to give you any money, not even with the cute dog in tow. Maybe try wearing a mask or something? Good, now breathe a little more heavily.

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