A Love Story That's Also a Great Apocalyptic Thought Experiment

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is about the apocalypse, but it's also a surprisingly realistic story about who we become when all our pretentions and future plans are ripped away. It's a genre-defying melancomedy that manages to be good science fiction and a moving romance at the same time. Best of all, it never cheats you with false optimism about the fate of the world. More »

Those who forget history are doomed to have it reenacted by vampires

As Americans, we are expected to be optimistic. We look to the future, and the vista of endless progress - but we're still haunted by the past, including the stuff we brought with us from the Old World. And vampires perfectly represent this great national tension. They're going to live forever (just like Fame!) but they're also connected to the past, because they've lived a long time. It's fascinating to watch this opposition play out in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, out today. More »

Brave shows how to create a brand new fairy tale from scratch

Pop culture is obsessed with fairy tales right now. But it's all retreads of the same few stories from the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen - and not even the original, dark-as-hell stories, but rather the warmed-over Disneyfied versions. Where are the people creating brand new fairy tales from scratch? And why don't these endless retellings of old fairy tales keep the emotional and moral core of these stories intact? If you want to see how to create a new fairy tale, with all the psychological and emotional intensity of an Andersen classic - and the lesson, too - then you should check out Pixar's Brave. More »

Safety Not Guaranteed: You owe it to yourself to see this movie

Safety Not Guaranteed sounds incredibly gimmicky at first - a whole movie based on an internet meme. Someone placed an ad (in real life) in a magazine in 1997, saying "Wanted: Someone to Go Back in Time With Me." And now, it's a movie. You could easily imagine this turning into something annoyingly quirky and self-satisfied. So it's an amazing surprise that Safety Not Guaranteed turns out to be a powerful emotional journey. More »

The best part of Prometheus isn't the aliens

You may be one of those amazing people who can watch a movie without any preconceptions, but most of us were expecting Prometheus to be a work of genius. Trailers teased a haunting, galactic epic rich with subtext, a worthy companion to Ridley Scott's brain-warping 1979 flick Alien. Prometheus is definitely an action-packed space opera, but it is no masterpiece. That said, it's a solid monster movie, and often a truly great drama. You will not, however, leave the theater feeling like your cerebral cortex is on fire, nor will your nightmares be changed forever. More »

The awesome terribleness of Snow White and the Huntsman

The newest badass fantasy flick to hit theaters is Snow White and the Huntsman, out today, and I believe it proves my theory that Kristen Stewart is the Keanu Reeves of her generation. It also proves a few other things, like the fact that you can still have an awesome time watching an unapologetically cheesy movie full of fairy bunnies and scenery-chewing witches. For all its flaws - and there are more of them than in Charlize "Evil Queen" Theron's magically aged face - Snow White delivers exactly what you expect from a fairy tale. And more. More »