Ever wondered what a LEGO Man looks like on the inside? Wonder no more. Grab your scalpels, people, it's time for some gross anatomy lessons — minifig-style.

These remarkably detailed cutaways are the work of Jason Freeny, a Manhattan-based artist widely recognized for his anatomical interpretations of everything from Gummi Bears to balloon animals. The three LEGO men pictured here each stand 18" tall, and are the result of an incredibly meticulous crafting process. He's documented the entire undertaking on his facebook page, which you'll find here, but we've included a few of our favorites below.

An undissected specimen (note the soda can for size reference)


Freeny fills the head and body cavities with polyurethane foam, which he allows to set before carving it into the desired organs.

[Jason Freeney via The Fox Is Black]