LEGO's CUUSOO program allows builders to submit blueprints for just about any plastic brick recreation under the sun. Although most of these designs never get the green light, there are still plenty of fantastic models consigned to the two-dimensional realm, such as these smashing Portal sets. These models come to us from Team Jigsaw, who submitted these mock-ups only to have them rejected tout de suite:

Sadly CUUSOO considers Portal an innappropriate license for unspecified reasons, and although we tried numerous forms of contact we were unable to appeal this decision. We didn't know this until we tried to submit the project, so we're left with a polished piece of work even though it's not possible to get supporters for it.

Team Jigsaw is hoping to make these sculptures in real life, in one form or another. You can see more concept art at their Flickr page. [Via Super Punch]

Here's the Modular Testing Chamber play set, which allows the builder to reconfigure the room to their liking. Also, someone really needs to figure out how to translate Cave Johnson's dulcet yammerings into LEGO bricks.


Completely modular design allows you to redesign the chamber for different tests. Solve button puzzles with the Weighted Storage Cube, or dodge the laser sights of an array of turrets! Use the 4 different pattern tiles to create any 2 digit number for the level sign. Discover a hidden Ratman den behind the testing chamber walls.


And here's GLaDOS' chamber, which includes three LEGO minifigs: Chell, Wheatley, and "the famous potato."

GLaDOS can swing a full 360 degrees and is able to rotate her head in all directions. Perform a core transfer with Wheatley and GLaDOS! Battle platform is over 5" (15cm) long. GLaDOS is over 9" (22cm) wide, and over 12" (30cm) high.