Some cats bring dead mice and birds back onto their home turf, but Denis, the cat burglar of Luton, prefers to slip shirts, socks, toys, flip flops, and even underwear through his cat door. Denis' crimes have not gone unnoticed, however, and were captured on CCTV.

After mysterious objects started appearing in her home, Denis' owner contacted The One Show, which investigated Denis' crime spree. It turns out that Denis has been snatching these items from neighbors' yards, not their homes, and the show caught him on camera bringing his bounty home. It seems Denis wasn't just stealing; he was also inviting the occasional buddy inside to share in his loot.

Denis is now the mascot of the Bedfordshire Homeless Cat Rescue, and you can support the rescue by buying t-shirts bearing his face and the words, "Denis stole my pants!"

[via Neatorama]