In depicting his stark extraterrestrial biomes, Kaliningrad artist Alex Kozhanov draws aesthetic inspiration from such creators as Andrei Tarkovsky, H.R. Giger, and Andrew Wyeth. If — in some alternate reality 1979 — Ridley Scott had decided to adapt the works of H.P. Lovecraft instead of directing Alien, Kozhanov's strange terrain might resemble the final result.

Although many of these scenes are lifted from Kozhanov's mind, some of these tableaus are of places familiar to science fiction fans. The second painting in this series is an update of the 1967 Soviet science fiction flick Andromeda Nebula, whereas the two following it are Kozhanov's take on the Lovecraftian city of Kadath (from The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath) and the Mountains of Madness.

Other paintings evoke M.C. Escher (if he was in the business of modeling intergalactic necropolises) and an archaeological dig straight out of Cimmeria. This is but a sampling of Kozhanov's many otherworldly locales. You can see more of these bizarre destinations at his Deviant Art page, where prints are available.

UPDATE: Intrepid readers have pointed out that some of Kozhanov's work informed the design of the derelict in Prometheus. Well, there you go.

[Alex Kozhanov via Super Punch]