We've seen superheroes cast in traditional religious and mythological roles many times before, from Batman and Superman in ancient marble to Marvel superheroes hanging out with Jesus. Igor Scalisi Palminteri's artwork actually casts superheroes as Christ and Christian saints, decked out in primary colored robes.

Palminteri's Hagiographies takes familiar religious iconography and adds a coat of paint to transform Christian figures into pop cultural ones. Many folks will likely disapprove of this provocative blending of the sacred and the comic book profane, but there's a certain logic behind Palminteri's blasphemy. After all, the superhuman tales of Superman, Batman, Captain America, and the Flash, may serve a very similar purpose to the early saints' stories. Of course, these figures are canonized not by a church but by strong monthly comic sales.

Igor Scalisi Palminteri [Facebook via Ian Brooks]