We've already seen David Morrissey as the nefarious Governor of The Walking Dead's survivalist commune of Woodbury, but what about the town itself? A new set video and series of photos offer a sneak peek inside Woodbury - and may suggest the return of an old friend. Spoilers ahead!

The set video above was filmed in Senoia, Georgia, and gives us a general look at the scenery for Season 3. At long last, we are off the farm and in Woodbury! But it's the set photos below that are really telling. We get a nice look at Woodbury, including the Woodbury guards, Andrea and Michonne in town, and Michonne out behind the Governor's house. I really, truly hope that things don't go nearly as badly for Michonne in the television series as they did in the books.

Oh, wait. Who is this?

Why, it's actor Michael Rooker, reprising his role as Merle Dixon, rednecked brother to everyone's favorite zombie apocalypse survivor Daryl. Last we saw Merle, he was inhabiting Daryl's fever dreams. Last we saw Merle alive, he was handcuffed to a pipe on a roofdeck with a horde of hungry zombies shambling up the stairs. Is this the real, flesh-and-blood Merle living in Woodbury? How many hands does he have? And how pissed is he at Rick right now?


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