Every Stark remembers that "Winter is Coming" and each Greyjoy must live by the words "We Do Not Sow," but what are words of Walking Dead's House Grimes, Breaking Bad's House White, and The Office's House Schrute?

Caldwell Tanner at CollegeHumor dreamed up some sigils and sayings for televisions various fictional families. Some of the house words are obvious; House Farnsworth couldn't be anything other than "Good News, Everybody!" and House Grimes is definitely "Where's Carl?" whether they like it or not. But some of them could use a little refinement. House Swanson would be something about real men (and women) living by sweat, whittling, and whiskey, and I'm sure Dwight Schrute could come up with something far more apt (and more perverse) than the words Jim associated with him - after all, House Schrute includes Mose and the rest of the beet-farming clan as well. "Married with One Foot in the Grave"? "Awareness, Education, Control, Acceptance, and Punching"?

What other TV families need a little sigil and saying love? True Blood's Stackhouses? Fringe's Bishops? Doctor Who's Ponds?

Game of Thrones House Sigils for Other TV Families [CollegeHumor via Flavorwire]