Big eyes, no fingers, and a Hulk - that's what you get when you combine the sugar-and-spice-fueled Powerpuff Girls with Earth's Mightiest Heroes. You also get some strange, silly, and sometimes animated antics.

We've already featured Yan3's image of Nick Fury tucking the Powerpuff Avengers into bed, but artist Yan3 has been working on loads of Powerpuff Avengers images. The Black Widow isn't a round-headed denizen of Townsville, however; instead, she's the mom from Dexter's Laboratory. I guess that's better than Yan3 casting her as Sara Bellum - this way, she actually gets a face.

If the animated gifs look wonky, click them to view them in their non-wonky form.

Powerpuff Avengers [lighten up]