What currencies fill the coffers at Casterly Rock or could provide a young Khaleesi with a few ships to cross the Narrow Sea? These fan-made coins could easily be passed among the nobles and merchants in Westeros — or even used to buy passage to the realm of the Faceless Men.

The Shire Post, which mints coins based on history, fantasy, and myth, has created a line of coins based on A Song of Ice and Fire, from the silver stags you might find in King's Landing to Stark coins for Northern allies to Dothraki "chain" coins, which would have been manually struck and then cut off coin by coin. There are even cheeky descriptions going along with many of the coins:

This silver brothel token is from an establishment called THE PEACH, in Stoney Sept Westeros, the scene of the mythological events taking place in the series of novels by author George R.R. Martin This particular bordello is one frequented by the short-statured Tyrion Lannister, a major character in the novels, and in light of this it is sometimes derisively referred to as a "Dwarfs Penny" by the uncouth and uncultured. It is thought to have been struck by private arrangement at the Oldtown mint (the details of which we can only imagine as they do not appear on the mint ledgers) sometime around the 300th year after Aegons conquest united the seven kingdoms of Westeros. The peach fruit depicted on obverse is intended to symbolize... well... perhaps we'll just leave that to the imagination. In any case, these tokens were purchased at the going rate from the management of the establishment to gain admittance, and then tendered to the courtesan of choice, who then turned them in as proof of services rendered.

The coins start at $5 for a Stark copper. A Faceless Man coin costs $10, which, when you consider the secrets it can unlock, is a real bargain.

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