In the recent Community episode "Digital Estate Planning," Chevy Chase's character Pierce Hawthorne must win his inheritance by playing an unapologetically racist 8-bit video game invented by his dead father.

Redditor Derferman was so inspired by the show that he's in the process of making a playable version of the game — Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne — complete with alternate costumes for the characters (such as Batman Abed, Constable Reggie from Inspector Spacetime, Captain Kirk Pierce, The Pillowman, and Hulk Jeff Winger).

It's still in the rudimentary beta stages, but you can download it here and run around a few levels and stomp on hippies. A more complete version of the game should be coming down the pike.


You can check for updates at the Hawkthorne Reddit group, where folks are making such suggestions as including 8-bit ABBA songs, as a tribute to the zombie episode.