90 minutes outside of Bangkok sits the Wang Saen Suk Hell Park, one of several "hell gardens" that can be found throughout Thailand. At this tourist destination, you can pack a picnic and ramble around the charming sculpture garden, which depicts sinners being eviscerated wholesale in the Buddhist underworld.

After all, nothing says "sunny weekend stroll" quite like statues of demons disemboweling the damned, arsonists transforming into snakes, and dogs eating a lost soul's giant testicles. Also, if you've ever used birth control, there's apparently a giant bloody vise waiting in the afterlife. (I'm not sure if dental dams qualify one for an eternity of squeezing.) Notes Fortean Times of this charming point of interest:

Around the giant sinners stand a further 21 life-size sinners, whose heads have been turned into various animals according to their misdeeds. Thieves are transformed into monkeys; the dishonest into toads; the corrupt into pigs [...] Although often gruesome, Thailand's hell gardens are popular weekend destinations for family days out. As well as an entertaining way of teaching strict morality, they also encourage donations as a form of merit-making to support the monks and the monasteries.

One of io9's friends in Thailand further elaborated on the park's family-friendly angle — "It's fun seeing little Thai kids running around statues of people being eaten alive, having their guts torn out, etc. My five-year-old cousin loves the amusement park, but is terrified of Ronald McDonald." So yes, if Faces of Death ever went in cahoots with Six Flags, the result might just look like this.

Here are some snapshots of the Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden. Be forewarned that some of these may not be safe for work (and very few of them are safe for anyone, save five-year-olds with constitutions of granite.) And for more day trips to the underworld, see Singapore's Haw Par Villa and Beijing's Daoist Hell.

Via Atlas Obscura, Fluoglaical/Steve Besse, Fortean Times, and Imgur. Thanks, Aphinya!