When husband-and-wife designers Emma and Brandon Peat learned they were having their first child, they decided to create an alphabetical series of prints based entirely on characters from Star Wars. This should really be part of some form of mandatory curriculum. Write the Peats:

Selecting each letter was a lengthy process. The characters who made the cut are primarily from the Original Trilogy (no Prequel characters here!), with a few from the Expanded Universe of books, comics, and video games. We also tried to keep the illustrations as non-violent as possible (in the words of Wuher, "No blasters!") for maximum kid-friendliness.

The attention to detail on these prints really shines through. The use of the Aurebesh script to spell out each character's name, for example, even lays the groundwork for teaching children Galactic Basic; and let's face it — if you're going to learn a second language, it might as well be the most widely spoken tongue in the galaxy.

Check out the rest of the Peats' prints over on Brandon Peat's website. [Spotted on designtaxi]