As much as Disney princesses have in common: their elaborate outfits, one true loves, and tendency to burst out in song, they wouldn't necessarily get along if you stuck them in the same room. Amy Mebberson's adorable Pocket Princesses comics explores the clashes and shared delights of these animated women.

Mebberson has a way with the cute ladies; you may remember her humorous take on the Doctor's female companions. Here, she imagines the interactions between petite princesses, even including Brave's Merida and Atlantis: The Lost Empire's Kida — who might not pass the audition due to her lack of vocal work. The comics do seem to suggest that Ariel would make the worst roommate of the lot, and that Mulan and Merida would prove the best of pals.

See the full series on Mebberson's Tumblr.

Pocket Princesses [Amy Mebberson via The Mary Sue]