The International Quidditch Association promotes the playing of Harry Potter's favorite sport in the real world. Now you can dress appropriately for snitch-chasing and broomstick-riding with these jerseys for the national Quidditch Teams.

This summer, the IQA plans to host a Quidditch Exposition in Oxford, with the best players from the United States, France, Australia, and the United Kingdom battling for the title of best faux wizards in the league. You can support your favorite team with these jerseys, available from $49.99. If you want it emblazoned with the name of a Hogwarts alum, it will set you back $74.99. Alternatively, for $64.99, you can get a jersey featuring the name and number of an actual exposition player, with the proceeds going to support that player.

[International Quidditch Association via Fashionably Geek]