For his Cakeland project, Oakland sculptor Scott Hove takes cues from both the animal kingdom and the modern kitchen. He gives flamboyant gâteaus teeth, jaws, and imposing frosting spikes. If someone decided to reboot Alien on Planet Candyland, Hove's work would be a good place to start.

Like a poison arrow frog, Hove's colorful delicacies appear to be screaming "do not touch" (some of them literally). He tends to construct these fearsome foods out of polyurethane sculpting foam, so we wouldn't recommend eating them out of fear and/or self-defense.


Here's his description of his Cakeland series, for which he has constructed many, many more fanged desserts, some of which are shaped like switchblade-bearing stripper heels:

This body of work is a result of self-education, a lifelong interest in artificial food and objects, and an obsession with the relationship between the beautiful and the brutal. All beautiful things are equipped with a defense mechanism, to protect against the predations of those who seek to possess. The mechanizations of the predator also have a terrifying elegance. The two working together tell a very old story, and are the basis of many archetypes.

Also be sure to check out a virtual tour of one of Hove's cake kingdoms.

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[Scott Hove via Coilhouse]