What do the creatures from your closet use to add a floral quality to their chocolate souffle? The lavender-scented salts derived the tears of human sorrow. If they want more of a kick to their meat, they may choose the peppery salt from tears of sneezing, or the powerful salt from tears of anger.

England's Ministry of Stories, a creative writing and mentoring non-profit aimed at children and preteens, is based on the United States' similar 826 Valencia. And just as 826 has its San Francisco Pirate Store, its Brooklyn Superhero Supply, its Echo Park Time Travel Mart, and other creative consumer outlets, the Ministry of Stories has its own shop, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies. On top of paint cans containing the Heebie Jeebies, Night Sweats, and A Vague Sense of Unease, Hoxton Street sells this series of Salts Made from Tears. They are not guaranteed to be made from actual human tears, however, so be sure to consult your local apothecary before attempting to use these salts in any spells, or when cooking dinner for monsters.

Salt Made from Tears [Hoxton Street Monster Supplies via Laughing Squid]