Take a good long look at Syfy's massive multiplayer online game/television series Defiance. It's been called a space western, an immigrant drama, and a dystopian drama, but one thing is for certain — this is a sizable undertaking by Syfy.

The channel hopes to simultaneously blend together an online roleplaying game with the show's weekly story. Here's a very in-depth, behind-the-scenes video of both the series and the game (which was screened at the channel's upfronts). We've pulled out a collection of concept art from the video so you can get a better look. Our personal favorite would be the design for the character Nolan, who's channeling Matthew McConaughey's look from Reign of Fire and Oded Fehr from Resident Evil.


No update on when this show will officially air, but they are currently filming. What do you think of these visions of a "future wartorn Earth?"