Get a load of some sexy spaceship concept art from Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Plus, here are some more details from Scott's latest interview, in which he reveals his new alien beasties' many secrets.

In a lengthy talk with The Hollywood Reporter Scott dives into his new Alien prequel, revealing all sorts of delightful details, such as that fact that he really wanted to make Prometheus because he was "really pissed off" that James Cameron was offered Aliens over himself. There is no better motivator than anger. But the best tidbit is about the new creature:

The new ship is quite different from Alien's, with its tall, refinery-like towers that Scott says he sketched rapidly, thinking of a floating tug. By contrast, the Prometheus is massive and resembles a Hawker Hunter jump jet, which is "pretty interesting in the way the engines tilt and fold," the director observes. As to the film's creature, it takes on at least four different forms as it grows and changes, sometimes "organically" in a way that [actress Noomi] Rapace calls "every woman's worst nightmare."

Sounds awesome. Check out this collection of concept art from THR.