Concept Artist Ron Miller (who often contributes to io9) wanted to celebrate his wife Judith's recent victory over cancer with something spectacular — something bold and glorious like the Planet Stories covers they both love. So they created Captain Judikha. Together they stitched a glorious vintage super suit and photoshopped Judikha fighting topless angels (maybe NSFW), giant robots, rescuing alien astronauts all while looking sexy as hell! Eat Judikha's ray gun blasts, cancer!

From the artist responsible for all these wonderful designs, Ron Miller:

My wife, Judith, successfully overcame a bout with cancer this past year (for the second time in 20 years). To celebrate her victory and her heroism, I came up with this series of pictures (and the accompanying serialized story). It's all based on a persona and costume she invented some years ago, which she wore to several sci fi conventions. Captain Judikha herself was a tip of the hat to the heroines who graced the covers of old pulp magazines like Planet Stories.

They're fantastic! These images are the physical embodiment of true love with a hefty dose of pew-pew! Check out even more images and their accompanying tales over at Captain Judhika's facebook page.