TONY STARK AFTER DARK | This concept design by Raj Rihal is one of the many Avengers concept art pieces we've featured today. Also peek in on some of the prop designs for the movie.

The Most Successful Self-Published Sci-Fi and Fantasy Authors

Everybody wants to be successful. And if you've ever told anyone that you're writing a novel (or screenplay, short story, comic book, rondel, etc.) you'll find out that most people you know are writing or planning on writing or want to write something too. More »

Watch Neil Gaiman's inspiring commencement speech about succeeding in the arts

For all the art students about to enter the working world without a roadmap, author Neil Gaiman offers his advice on making great art, honing your skills, and keeping in mind that friendliness and punctuality can be as important to your career as talent. More »

Dan Harmon fired from Community. Not cool, not cool.

Community is getting its fourth season, but it probably won't be the show we've grown to know and adore. Sony has fired Dan Harmon from his show runner role. More »

The only evidence left of a mystery tribe is bodies in jars

A long lost Cambodian tribe has left only one trace behind, but it's a significant one. Human remains have been found in jars. The latest have been found about one hundred and sixty feet up a cliff. More »

Jackie Chan's last action movie looks like the most fun he's been in years

Chinese Zodiac is Jackie Chan's 100th movie, and it's one of his biggest - a single fight scene in this movie reportedly is costing more than $10 million to shoot. More »

Yes, that really is an eagle wielding a knife

Alfred Hitchcock was right about the evils of birds, and now at least one flying raptor has decided to arm itself. This golden eagle stole a knife from a nature photographer, and nearly made off with its newfound weapon. More »

Supernatural ends the season with a bangy whimper

Last night's season finale of Supernatural brought to a conclusion the often-murky battle to stop the Leviathans, and especially their corporate overlord Dick. More »

DC plans to bring a prominent character out of the closet

DC Comics' New 52 has brought plenty of changes to its superpowered characters, but the publisher's policy has been not to change the sexual orientations of any existing characters. More »

See Pixar characters cosplay as the Avengers

What do you dress up as when you're already a superhero or a giant fuzzy monster? How about a crew of box office-busting superpowered movie stars? See several Pixar characters recast as members of the Avengers. More »

Dancing Darth Maul: Not Sorry For Party Rockin'

Whenever there's a big Star Wars event, the main thing to look forward to is the dance-offs. A few years ago, it was Darth Vader tearing up the stage to M.C. More »

Orangutans hold off puberty by up to 10 years just to be more attractive

As soon as orangutans go through puberty, they are pretty much expected to find a mate and start making babies. But as sexually frustrated high schoolers the world over will tell you, that's easier said than done. More »

Thor mocks Spider-Man's costume & obscure DC heroes moonwalk!

This week, a serial hugger is loose on Adventure Time! Also, Marvel continues to pop in some amazing guest stars on Ultimate Spider-man and The Avengers: More »

SpaceX's first bid at cab service to ISS is a bust

The first attempt to send a commercial spacecraft to the International Space Station was aborted less than a second before liftoff this morning, after an onboard computer detected a problem in one of its launch vehicle's nine engines. More »

Eerie photographs taken with a camera made from a human skull

These sepia-hued photographs look like something out of a dream, but the camera that took them is somewhat nightmarish. Instead of a camera made out of metal and plastic, these photos were taken with a camera made from a human skull. More »

Adorable character designs for Futurama: The Next Generation

A few weeks ago, Becca Jones stole our hearts with her illustrations of Fry and Leela's imaginary kids. Now she's working her way through all the Futurama pairings (and three-person joinings), coming up with a full cast of kiddie characters. More »