Earlier this morning, we showed you the concept designs for several props from The Avengers. But there's plenty more concept art from Joss Whedon's superhero movie for us to indulge our eyeballs in, detailing the interior settings, action-packed storyboards, and the artistic journey of the Avengers' alien foes and their vehicles.

Jane Wu, who was also a storyboard artist on Captain America, storyboarded some of the action sequences from The Avengers, including this wormy urban warfare scene:

And the Black Widow's high-flying hijacking:

Raj Rihal painted several of the medical and military interiors:

Justin Sweet's job was to refine the look of the Chitauri, and here we can see several of the designs that he tested out along the way:

Josh Nizzi, on the other hand, designed the Chitauri chariots:

All via Comic Book Movie